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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 3, 2013 11:10pm-12:00am PST

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fireworks shot into the night sky. baltimore fans are also celebrating in new orleans tonight. not so much though for us niner fans. dave feldman of comcast sportsnet is in new orleans with more for us tonight. >> greetings from new orleans. this super bowl champs are now the baltimore ravens. the 49ers were down but they were not out. they scored 17 unanswered points and made it a great game. but in the end the baltimore ravens win, 34-31. 49ers still have no reason to hang their heads. prior to the game, jim harbaugh, john harbaugh facing off. how about a hug? joe flacco to jones. 56 yards for the touchdown. 21-6, ravens are up at the half. and then the opening kickoff in the second half. more jones. 108 yards for the touchdown. it ties the longest kickoff return in super bowl history.
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holding momentum, batman. but a moment unlike any other. lights go out in the superdome for 34-minute delay. a momentum shifter. frank gore six yards for a touchdown. two tds in two minutes. 21 seconds. colin kaepernick, 15 yards. 4ers within two. the two-point conversion would fail. crunch time. final minute. kaepernick pressured up the middle. can't connect with crabtree. replay shows there should have been holding on jimmy smith but no call. the ravens in the quest for six. 34-31. >> i'm definitely frustrated. you know, getting so close to get that trophy and, you know, it's hard to get to where we are now. >> if you've got a spark, you know, we're going to look back after that and i thought they did that. you know, they battled back to get in it. and then, you know, battled right on the brink of vwinning it. >> just happy the way we kept
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fighting. any other team would have probably just laid down. probably just laid down and let people know what type of guys we've got in the locker room. what type of warriors we are. >> we're not going to quit fighting until the clock hits zero. we just didn't have enough today to come out on top. >> i mean, i think that last drive when we got the ball and had time to go down and score a touchdown we thought it was our game. >> everybody probably even the ravens fans, you know, thinking that they were going to loss and you know, have the comeback drive on our defense. they made the plays on defense to get off the field. that helped them to win the game. >> joe flacco three touchdown passes for the post-season, 11 touchdown passes and no interceptions. he was named the game's mvp. the 49ers lose for the first time ever in a super bowl. they had been a perfect 5-0. from new orleans, i'm dave feldman, let's go back to you. >> thanks very much. dave was talking about it. one of the biggest surprises of the super bowl didn't happen on
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the field. many people believe it gave the niners a much needed game of pace. >> the power went out in the superdome. emergency power kicked in and kept the stadium from being completely dark most of the time. during the outage the fans were a little concerned about their safety. >> there are escalators are not working. the people surrounding us were totally drunk, disorderly. i figured if i had to get out from up on the terrace level i wouldn't be able to get out. some of those drunks would run right over and kill me. >> reporter: officials with the utility company in new orleans say all the transmission feeds were strong and blamed the outage on a failure of equip m at the stadium. stadium officials say there was a power surge. the out an was reminiscent what happened at candlestick park in december of 2011. remember a?
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pg&e said the outage was caused when a 12,000-volt wire on a utility pole failed. tonight in san francisco, arrests are under way as police are stopping rowdy crowds are getting out of hand. chief of police vowing to end any violence before it gets started. jean is in the mission district. >> an area where there was trouble after the giants victory in the world series. >> here on 24th street in the mission district right now it's pretty quiet. police did saturate this neighborhood but it appears right now at least the show has kept vandalism and violence in check. out in force, san francisco police make arrests hoping to prevent fan violence and vand vandalism. >> too much is too much. >> reporter: some disappointed 49er fans say police on motorcycles and on foot in the mission district is too much. but understand the show of
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force. >> it's all right. it's like as long as there's no trouble and they're here to keep everything safe, it's okay. >> reporter: police have some help. parking and traffic officers shut down part of mission and parts of 24th street in the mission district, eliminating cruising. and street sweepers are already buzzing through the city. signaling the party is over. with vandalism the norm in the mission after big sporting events, people who live hearsay it's a winning game plan. >> i think they're doing a good job by doing it so that way people are safe that want to come out and enjoy that's going on. >> reporter: enjoy the agony of defeat. san francisco police say at one point tonight some officers did have some bottles thrown at them on mission street but no one was hurt and the situation did not escalate. sfpd has made 25 arrests. mostly for being drunk in public. >> jean, thanks very much. nbc bay area's monte francis
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is joinings us now with tearful fans. hangover for many, maybe you, too. >> reporter: terry, that's true. most everyone has cleared out of here and gone home already. no question, this was a heartbreaking loss to make it to the super bowl and come up short. but we talked to a lot of 49ers fans tonight who are taking this loss in stride. it was a game with its ups and its downs. hundreds of niners fans at pete's tarve vern waited through a 34-minute power outage and then watched as their team came back in the second half with a vengeance. in the end, the team came up short. and many fans didn't hide their disappointment. >> i'm totally upset. i'm upset. nobody better not say nothing to me, not a raiders fan, not a cowboys fan. >> reporter: but others left their pride intact. >> we're still second place. we're still better than any other team out there. i said it last year. harbaugh brought us farther in
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one season than any other coach did in years. >> they played really well. they lost triumphly, i guess. and i'm happy. i'm happy with the result, i guess. it's not a bad loss. >> i came back after that power outage but just like the nfc championship game, it's going to make us tougher. we're going to come back. you've got to keep your head up. that's what we ought to do. we're not walking around with our heads down. we're proud of our team, you know. niners for life. >> and after the game mayor ed lee tweeted the following. quote, congratulations to the entire 49ers organization. thrilling season. thrilling game. the entire bay area stands behind our nfc champs. now, as i told you at 6:00, mayor ed lee had a bet. he has to take part in a day of service there and eat blue crab which is a specialty there. no word on when that trip is scheduled. live in san francisco tonight,
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monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> i say he should put it off for a little while. now that super bowl xlvii is over the tortured helmet for nek year's super bowl has been passed to new jersey. metlife stadium, home of the giants and jets will host super bowl xvliii next year. it will be the first one to be played in a cold weather climate. the weather today at metlife stadium in new jersey at game time, in the 20s. coverage of super bowl xlvii continues throughout this newscast. coming up in the second half hour we'll take you to kaepernick's hometown. right now on, a photo gallery of 49er fans and the best plays of the game tonight and a look at what happened when the power went out on the field. live look over san francisco tob where skyscrapers are still lit up in red and gold despite the defeat in new orleans. here's a live look at the bay bridge with those beautiful lights they've got out there.
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chilly night out there. let's check in with rob on the forecast. >> it's taking place as early as the next 48 hours. it is chilly out there. upper 30s along the north bay. 46 currently in san jose. we also have onshore winds. this means the next couple of days, peninsula coast, inner bay, you're going to see some cool afternoons. a bit warmer inland. fairfield, may bring some patchy low clouds into the county. we'll also see high clouds. more of those dropping in from the north. high pressure is going to begin to weaken here. it's going to allow clouds to spill on in. we'll see showers for the far north bay on tuesday. the main event of the pattern change is going to arrive wednesday night and thursday. jet stream starts to drop to the south. this is going to allow a cold system to drop in on thursday. this is our chance for not only seeing some rain at times. maybe up to half ifrk inch in
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some of the wettest locations in the knot bay but that air is cold enough for snow. close to 3,000 feet. higher peaks in the pay area thursday evening, friday morning. a dusting of snow. and with that cold air aloft and enough moisture in place, daytime heating. maybe a slight risk of thunder for the coast. this will be for thursday on into friday as things clear out. tomorrow morning you'll wake up to patchy low clouds. notice as we head through the afternoon, clouds on the coast spilling inland. tuesday, there's that one system for the knot bay. north of santa rosa. we'll try to toss a few light rain showers. things are going to dry out from tuesday evening on in through most of wednesday. it's thursday you will see the rain sweeping in from north to south. big drop in temperatures. highs only in the low 50s for most of the bay area. 30s and 40s for tomorrow morning. pretty close to the temperatures we're seeing right now. look out for patchy fog in the north bay. inland valleys. around the inner bay for your monday morning commute. the afternoon, though, south of san jose actuallying loos pretty
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good. enjoy it because it's likely the warmest day we'll see over the next seven days. you will see slow to mid 60s. should get close to 65 in pleasanton. but san francisco, coast, soun towards san mateo. 50s tomorrow. we will see cooler temperatures around the peninsula and coast. so next three days, mainly dry. exception to the rule, northeso county. we'll see more clouds for the rest of the bay area. thursday and friday, look at the temperatures drop as we watch a chance of some snow showers, too. this, of course, means snow for this year which is great news coming out of a january which was the third driest on record. we really could use the rain and snow. maybe getting a couple of days of opportunity for that. and then we clear out and dry out for next weekend. just ahead, today's other top stories including a double home side at a gun range that left a former navy s.e.a.l. dead.
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we'll tell you who turned a gun on him. a developing story in southern california. you're looking at the aftermath of a gruesome crash involving a tour bus, a number of people are dead. we'll have the latest on that, also. ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ >> and some memorable moments from super bowl xlvii. this is a youth choir from sandy hook elementary school from newtown, connecticut. beautiful voices along with singer jennifer hudson helped kick things off tonight.
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san jose police are investigating the city's fourth homicide of this year. it happened just after 9:00 tonight on south san jose. kimberly terry joins us with the latest. kim? >> reporter: diane, police say both of victims in this case are teenagers. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the active investigation here. the shooting happened close to story and mclaughlin. when they arrived here they found two people shot. one of them died at the scene. the other was taken to the hospital with non-life
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threatening injuries. >> we're still connecting whether or not this is -- may have been the involved in a gang-related incident. those things are still being connected and put to the. has not been resolved as of yet. >> reporter: police say they have not made any arrests and are in the process of locating and interviewing witnesses. the crime scene on audubon drive is right against the rf kennedy elementary school. multiple shots fired tonight. detectives are combing through the area looking for evidence and anything that may be able to help them with this investigation. police say if you have any information about this shooting they do want to hear from you so you can contact san jose police. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. super bowl sunday is almost a national holiday but can also be a dangerous one for drivers. they have extra patrols out
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tonight. also sobriety checkpoints. one of those checkpoints in sunnyvale. >> i was listening to the news and stuff on the game and i didn't even see them. oh, no, i came in kind of fast. >> the checkpoint is set up where you pull over every tenth car when it's really busy and as it gets slower we can go down from there. >> the police officers also used twitter to reach out tout community today. asking people to please designate a driver or call a cab. following a developing story in southern california tonight. eight people are dead and dozens more injured after a tour bus crashed. the bus overturned on highway 38 about 80 miles east of l.a. calls began flooding the chp and san bernardino lines immediately after the crash. two other vehicles were involve in the accident. highway was shut down for hours. 15 of the 38 people injured were listed in critical condition. authorities are not saying where the bus is headed or coming from but highway 38 leads to big bear
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which is a popular recreation area. they will bring you more information on this accident as soon as we learn it. authorities are looking to a motive. highly decorated navy s.e.a.l. and author. he was well-known for helping veterans deal with ptsd after returning to the battlefield. one such veteran is now charged with killing kyle and 35-year-old chad littlefield saturday at a texas t shooting range. police charge iraq war vet with two counts of capital murder. >> it's my understanding that the suspect may have been suffering from some type of mental illness from being in the military himself. i understand he was a marine for four years. >> authorities say they found the handgun you used in the killings at ruth's home and he confessed to the shootings to his sister and brother-in-law. ruth has been ordered held on a $3 million bond. there could be an arrest in connection with the deadly shooting at an oakland community event.
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the shooting happened downtown during the monthly community gathering called fist fridays that attracts thousands of people. the mercury news reporting that they made an arrest on saturday but will not release the suspect's name until the district attorney files formal charges. the man is suspected of killing an 18-year-old man and injured several others in the crowd. the mayor has promised to increase security surround that event. police in fairfield continue to search for answers and a suspect in a case of a girl found dead in a park on friday. memorial was held yesterday for the 13-year-old foster child. her naked body was discovered by a homeless man. he says there was no signs of trauma on the body. the police have ruled it a homicide. the girl was last seen leaving the middle school thursday afternoon. classmates and strangers have come by to leave candles and other items in her family. meantime, looking at video for clues as to what happened. oracle team usa is gearing
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up to relaunch their catamaran. the racing boat capsized on the bay back in october. there it is. the boat's mu sail was built in new zealand. oracle has in september to practice with the new yacht. that's when the america's cup race is scheduled on san francisco bay. well, his team may not have won but he still shined tonight. still ahead, take you to colin kaepernick's hometown where some of his biggest fans gathered to watch the game. another unforgettable story line from super bowl xlvii and the har-bowl. jim harbaugh lost to his brother john harbaugh, the ravens coach. they gave each other a quick hug.
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super bowl is typically the most watched television event of year and turns out many people use it as an excuse to get a new
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tv. >> most years tv sales spike spook but this year no exception, especially here in niner territory. >> at least 25% more sales when super bowl happens in our home teams are in it. a lot of people have super bowl parties and what better thing to have it than with a nice new tv, especially with the way they've been coming down in prices. >> experts say the boom in big screen tv sales has been especially good for brick and more or stores. shoppers prefer buying such a large expensive item in person rather than online. the super bowl is famous for commercials and this year the ads weren't just on tv. arguably oreo took the cake, so to speak on this one. tweeted out this ad during the blackout. i don't know about you but i'll be dunking in the dark tonight. it was fairly quickly done. they had 34 minutes to get it done. >> i was impressed by the turn around on that. just ahead at 11:00, knocking down a rumor that mohammed ali's family released this video of the boxing great today. ♪
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the superdome in new orleans is host to the super bowl six times prior to this one but the 34-minute power outage during the big game has never happened before. >> the power went out just after the start of the second half. when the superdome came back to life, so did the niners.
11:34 pm
comcast sportsnet has more from new orleans. >> reporter: greetings, the super bowl champs are now the bat more ravens. the niner were down but not out. 17 unanswered points and may be the great game. but in the end the baltimore ravens win, 34-31. 49ers still have no reason to hang their heads. prior to the game, jim harbaugh, john harbaugh facing off. how about a hug? all ball more in the first half. joe flacco to jones. 56 yards for the touchdown. 21-6, ravens are up at the half. and then the opening kickoff in the second half. more jones. 108 yards for the touchdown. t it ties the longest kickoff return in super bowl history. holy momentum, batman. the lights go out in the superdome for a 34-minute delay.
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frank gore, touchdown. fourth quarter, colin kaepernick, 15 yards. 49ers within two. but the two-point conversion would fail. crunch time. final minute. fourth and goal. kaepernick pressured up the middle. can't connect with crabtree. replay shows that there should have been holding on jimmy smith but no call. the ravens in the quest for six. 34-31. >> i'm definitely frustrated. you know, getting so close, you know, to get that trophy and, you know, it's hard to get to where we are now. >> we've got to a. spark. you know, we're going to look back after that. i thought they did that. you know, they battled back to get in it. and then, you know, battled right on the brink of winning it. >> just happy how the way we kept fighting. any other team would probably just lay down. probably would have just laid down and let people know what type of guys we've got in the
11:36 pm
locker room. >> we don't quit fighting until that clock hits zero. we just didn't have enough today to come out on top. >> i mean, i think that last drive when we got the ball and had time to go down and score a touchdown we thought it was our game. >> everybody, probably even the ravens fans thinking they were going to lose. they made the plays on defense to get off the field. you know, that helped them win the game. >> reporter: besides the disappointment there was also maybe a little controversy on the fourth and goal, the deciding play at the end. was michael crabtree held by jimmy smith? it's a controversial topic. >> i realize i'm on the side of the 49ers, i'm the coach for the 49ers. i probably have some biased there. in my mind i wouldn't be bringing it up. there's no question in my mind that there was a pass interference. and then a hold on crabtree on
11:37 pm
the last one. >> somebody grabs you, you always expect a call but you can't, you know, whine to the ref. it is what it is. just take it like a man. >> i definitely thought they would throw a flag, but they didn't. i mean, this is football. the national football league. and you've got to expect these kinds of things to happen. there's nothing we can do to change the hands of time. it's -- what's done is done. >> joe flacco, three touchdown passes for the postseason. 11 touchdown passes and no interceptions. he was named the game's mvp. the 49ers lose for the first time ever in a super bowl. they had been a perfect 5-0. from new orleans, i'm dave feldman, let's go back to you. >> all right. so colin kaepernick's hometown is beaming with pride tonight even though the team lost. he scored one of the touchdowns and set a new super bowl record doing it right here. the 15-yard run is the longest
11:38 pm
touchdown by a quarterback in super bowl history. john henry smith of comcast sportsnet has reaction from fans in turlock. >> well, this was the place to be in turlock as they turn out to watch their favorite son, colin kaepernick play with the 49ers in the super bowl. and even though it didn't turn out the way everybody hoped, still, as you can see, yes, there's a little bit of despair but there's also a lot of love for colin kaepernick who played well in defeat. >> he's a solid kid. you know. i've watched him for several years. so i'm happy with watching his development. >> it was a great game. we're always going to back our 49ers and our home boy, the big k. >> he didn't go all the way but he definitely made the effort. you can see by the score he got really close. >> there you have it.
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plenty of love in turlock, as you might imagine, for colin kaepernick. he didn't get what he wanted out of super bowl xlvii, that being a lombardi trophy. but what he still has is the love of the turlock people and mayor is on record as saying that they're going to show him that love in a celebration for kaepernick at some point in the not too distant future. i'm john henry smith for nbc bay area news. despite recent reports mohammed ali's family says the boxing great is not near death. strange story. in fact, ali spent the dame watching the super bowl in baltimore ravens gear. his wife sent these pictures. alis's brother started it all telling the newspaper that ali no longer could recognize him and so sick that he may be days from death. he appears frail, made several public appearances in the past few months. a bay area pizza chain
11:40 pm
survived the busiest day of the year and completed a super bowl quest. >> their super bowl quest. pizza my heart delivered three tons of pizza to bay area homes on super bowl sunday. that's somewhere around 700 pizzas. steady orders kept them busy as soon as they opened. >> a lot of people called in delive delivery. if you were watching the super bowl, would you want to leave in the middle of a play? in no. every driver is working. >> the pizza my heart met their goal by 4:00. not bad. >> not too bad. still to come, a bay area family with interesting roots. a whom discovered new information about a disastrous event in bay area history. plus, caught on tape. chaos at the changing of the guard ceremony when a man with a knife charges buckingham palace fshlg another moment that niner fans won't soon forget. 1:47 left. michael crabtree missed it in the end zone. jim harbaugh was furious as many
11:41 pm
fans think the refs missed a critical holding call. we're not over it yet, can you tell?
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some scary moments outside hawk buckingham palace. a man armed with two knives broke through security and headed through the palace. the officers approached the man. he held one of the knifes to his own throat. they took him into custody.
11:44 pm
the president sat down with scott kelley before the super bowl today. obama applauded the steps the nfl is taking to make the game safer. >> i feel differently about the nfl. these are grown men. they're well compensated. they know the risks that are involved. but as we start thinking about, you know, the pipeline. pop warner, high school, college, i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer and that means that the game's probably going to evolve a little bit. >> he discussed a number of issues today and also spoke about the boy scouts and that he believes they should allow gays to be members. he said the scouts promote young people, giving them lifelong leadership training and opportunities and that everyone who wants to should have the opportunity to be a part of that organization. officials at the boy scouts announced last week they are considering changing their long-standing ban on gays to a policy to let troops make their own decisions on the issue.
11:45 pm
gay rights activists praised last week's announcement while some conservative church groups expressed alarm. they plan to discuss the issue this week. the new secretary of state spent most of his first full day on the job on the phone. two days after being sworn in john kerry was busy with diplomatic issues around the world. kerry made calls to officials in israel, turkey, canada, and mexico to receive updates on u.s. diplomatic concerns. the conversation with the palestinian president, kerry said he intended to visit that region to discuss the peace process with israel. coming up next at 11:00, some wet weather is headed our way. find out when from meteorolog t meteorologist. this is a story that belongs to everybody and it is so cool to be able to share this with everyone. >> a trip down memory lane ends with history being rewritten. what one south bay woman found out about her family that could change about what we all remember about a historic
11:46 pm
moment. real high point for 49er fans today. third quarter. the comeback under way. michael crabtree gets away into tend zone. they came back and made it so close.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
be fast but be right. it's something every journalist strooifrs to do as big news breaks. as we all know though, sometimes accuracy is the victim of speed. >> what you may not know is it's not a new phenomenal. look into a tragenlgedy from la century. garvin thomas has the story in tonight's "bay area proud." >> reporter: it's amazing just what the internet age allows us to do. how else could claire britain warren from her home in the santa cruz mountains with a cat on her lap and a bird over her shoulder has spent the past three years conducting research into an event 160 years old.
11:49 pm
>> it is really fragile. >> reporter: the jenny lind disaster. the boiler above the jenny lind, a steamship, blew up. scolding water and steam drenched the women, children, and first class passengerss just sitting down for lunch. 50 people died. >> some of them lingered for days. other ones for hours. >> reporter: the fact that one of the dead john brad berry was claire's ancestor sparked her interest to learn more of the history. history she later discovered that wasn't always correct. >> it's raining on that particular day. >> reporter: rushed and incomplete reporting at the time of the disaster lead to disconceptions about such things as where the accident happened. claire and fellow researchers determined it to be just north of where the dumbarton bridge stands today. she also commissioned what she
11:50 pm
believes to be the only accurate drawing of what the steamboat really looked like. but it was research into who was on board who didn't survive, that most intrigued claire. documents and graves in san francisco as well as cemeteries and or kooifrs around the bay area and the country filled in the details. >> it took quite a while before i really realized what i was on to. >> reporter: aboard the jenny lind was an impressive gathering of bay area elite, a group instrumental in the lobbying effort to make san jose california's state capital. all of them wiped out in a single day. sacramento was named the permanent capital less than one year later. were it not for the explosion, would california's capital building now stand in the south bay? >> it's definitely a possibility. and certainly something to ponder.
11:51 pm
>> reporter: claire's research has even led santa clara county agree to put up a monument, a reminder of the bay area's steamboat history and the one ship that may have changed bay area history. >> this is a story that belongs to everybody. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> okay. the capital could have been right here. >> san jose. >> right here. >> very interesting. did not know that. rob, i bet you know a little bit about the weather? >> speaking of san jose, let's show you the conditions outside right now. minus the possible capitol rotunda we might have had on the south bay. that's one of the stories tomorrow morning. no worries about rain in the morning commute. fog is thick. we'll show you where it's at its thickness. right now at 46 degrees in san jose. san francisco, 48. chilly temperatures in the north bay. 49 degrees. napa, now as we show you the winds, we have onshore winds
11:52 pm
pushing in low clouds from the coast around the peninsula for the morning. the fog down to about a quarter mile already in santa rosa. 3/4 mile visibility in napa. for your north bay commute, concord for the morning. look out for some of that thick fog that can slow you down. high clouds at times for tomorrow. for the next two days, mainly dry until thursday. we're going to see cold airdrop in. that's the best chance for rain. hour by hour tomorrow morning. low cloud cover. a pattern that looks more like june. the all-day sea breeze which means san francisco and the coast stay cool. you question so the temperatures hour by hour tomorrow. by lunchtime, low 60s inland and san jose down toward morgan hill. we should see some of the warmest temperatures over the next few days for tomorrow and then things really start to cool down as we get into thursday and friday. there's a look at the temperatures as you can see.
11:53 pm
low 50s for highs. and a chance not only of seeing some rain but air cold enough for snow as low as 3,000 feet. january into freb, normally the wettest time of the year. this is good news. we're going to get rain and know in the sierra. hopefully, a foot of snow out of this system for the second half of the week. >> that sprinkling around here maybe. >> and that big chill. >> thanks a lot.
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11:55 pm
for many, chicken wings are a must have at super bowl parties, they're the essential football finger foods. >> even president obama likes his wings. he said he had wings waiting for him in the west wing. after his pre-game interview. and it is the busiest day of the year for many restaurants. owner of the the wing stop in pittsburgh predicted he would go through 1200 pounds of chicken
11:56 pm
today. they stopped accepting online orders earlier this week and were completely sold out for pre-game pick-up between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. >> about triple our typical business on a day like today. all the 49er championship games have been extraordinary for us and this is going to be another one. probably even busier. >> there was some concern there might be a shortage of chicken wings due to last year's drought. because of the higher feed costs, fewer chickens would be raised and that would mean fewer wings. not so. >> no. >> americans were expected to consume more than 1 billion wings this weekend. >> and there's only two minutes left in this weekend. so if you have some chicken wings hanging out. >> now is the time. >> now is the time to eat them. absolutely. >> good idea. thanks for watching. the chris matthews show is up next. have a good night. we're going to leave you with the bay lights. >> yes. beautiful shot of those gorgeous lights on the bay bridge. have a great week.
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11:58 pm
>> this is "the chris matthews show" -- >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. chris: taking it to the street. barack obama is going to town on
11:59 pm
-- and taking a page from ronald reagan's second term. and for a man called the great communicator it was historic tax reform. for obama, real steps toward gun safety. and the hegel hearing reminded some of the first debate. and finally, super bowl sunday. i've got some new rules. i'm -- i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, howard fineman, the bbc's katrina, annie lowrey and michael duffy. first up, barack obama sees a path to history on guns and immigration at this point two weeks into his second term. this is when he's strongest and he's taking his case to the country over the heads of washington. in reagan's secondm


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